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Hello and thanks for visiting! My name is Alicia Northern, also known as The InkpenDreamer. I am a children's book author with a passion for writing verse, or rhyme. I have recently taken the self-publishing road and hope you will visit or any other provider of e-books to check out my latest releases. This website is currently under construction. Please come back soon for more updates, news, and more. Thanks again. Dream big!

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I am releasing "Go God, Go!"  as the newest addition to the InkpenDreamer's Wild, Wild, World of Words store as a FREE download available to my young readers! Here's the direct link to get your copy!    Check out "Go God, Go!" for FREE!

December/January Featured Ebook... "The Little Book of Forest Tales" (Sample)


Once upon a time in a forest called Welcome Home, where the days were always sunny and at night the bugs would roam, lived so many different insects who had come from everywhere to build themselves a home to dwell happily ever after there. Some of them had wings and so they really loved to fly. While others liked to crawl or walk, a few preferred to ride!

There was food for everyone, everybody had a plate. There was room for one and all inside the welcoming forest’s gates. They had so much fun together. It was easy to make friends. No one ever felt sad or lonely. Mostly they just smiled and grinned! They played lots of games to fill their time. They took care of each other. They were somewhat like a family full of sisters, friends, and brothers!

In their lovely little forest, you’ll see bugs of every kind. Some are big and some are small, and some are very hard to find! If you’d like to get to know them, you just have to read along. Come inside this playful wilderness where everyone belongs! Be very quiet when you enter. They’ll run and hide if someone yells. Turn the page and meet the creatures from The Little Book of Forest Tales!


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"Neat site, I like the writing you do."

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